Valentine Tusai And His Married Feminist Review



With role shifting relationship activities on the rise and various feminists talks, any can wonder if ladies who hold their tongue, and pretend to have nothing to tell to other parties, secretly have something to say to their partners, when they are not pretending to be the good partner. For many who even say a word, it seems to the society and those who criticise them, that the biblical reference to having a contentious wife, a clamorous woman, a brawling woman in one’ house in the book of Proverbs is becoming ever present and many are now in support of it. As they think, staying quiet is detrimental. What then happens to those partners in relationships and marriage where duties are transposed? Do they wish otherwise, or should we just judge them from what we think is norm? Should a lady be insulted for being the bread winner, even while looking decent at her roles at home? Should she even stay in the marriage/relationship?


From the author of the sizzling responsive literature “Strange Encounters” (a short story written by a male writer and replied by fourteen female writers, comes another ear tingling female response in “Swimming Emotions” a poem in which several female poets react to their lover who is a stay at home husband. Who begins to complain that his woman no longer gives him attention. A theme, much familiar to many today who though say less of the things they undergo in relationships and marriages, painting a perfect picture for social media and beyond will definitely relate to.


Painting the bluntness of many women, these female responders poets held nothing back. Some reminded the male writer of who he is “a house husband”, ” A frantic lunatic “, one with ” ciggy attitude “, ” an inside joke” to them and so on. Many also told him how to fix his act, advising him on how to change his status, from ‘a home husband’ to an entrepreneur. Indeed, these poems were beautifully written and they could be loved by even those who don’t love poetry.


You can download the “Strange Encounters” eBook free from

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