Poem: Before We Met

Before We Met. Before I knew you, I wrote our story I wrote it in the tablet of my heart I sealed it with faith And prayed for our soul I saw your face like I saw everyone I said yes to your proposal I spoke to you more than I spoke to anyone I... Continue Reading →

Poem: Judgment Sit

There at a table, With God as my audience, With bitterness in my spirit Over the passage of life and its trials, I asked about my desires I needed his quick response Like any friend he said he was I screamed for the answers I deserved A response, Which to me will include his apologies... Continue Reading →

Is Your Partner Flirting, When They Are With You?

Ever heard the lyric, “I only have eyes for you?” Well, what happens when you get into a relationship, but still seem to notice other attractive people? Does settling down mean that you need to become blinded by love? According to Askmen.com, “Looking and playful flirting can be considered healthy components of keeping a strong... Continue Reading →

Essential Oil As Used In The Bible

    In the first chapter of Genesis it is written that God placed mankind in the Garden of Eden. God knew from the very beginning that this perfect environment would be the key source for mankind’s healing and health. Daily applications of essential oils in Biblical times were extensive. Thirty-six of the 39 books... Continue Reading →

The President I Want by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

  The award winning author has this to say about the current state of the nation (Nigeria) and an ideal leadership that drives a society. READ below: ''Some of my relatives lived for decades in the North, in Kano and Bornu. They spoke fluent Hausa. (One relative taught me, at the age of eight, to... Continue Reading →

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