Your Children’s Childhood Matters.


When we fall in love and decide upon marriage, we decide to stay together for as long as we breathe; or at least that is the idea we paint when we utter our vows or say “to have and to hold, to love and to cherish, till death do us part”. Although sometimes this isn’t the case anymore but then down the lane, we get some other people involved in our lives and they are called “kids”. For some, there wasn’t even any falling in love or vow making at any altar before the ” kids” were brought into the equation. It didn’t even matter to some if there were going to be “kids” or not, its was to them like any circumstance in life “it just happened”. Truth be told, kids just don’t happen and they shouldn’t be treated as that.


People get divorced without looking at the big picture when they already have kids involved. They speak ill of one another in the sight of those children they brought together into this world, without knowing that all those things play a major part into the child’s idea of what love is or how best to treat others.


Many people grow up with single parents, they grow up being affected with the idea that independence is not asking for help before it all crumbles and sometimes if they end up not being single as their parents, their spouses go through times when they feel they are not needed. Sometimes growing up as a child whose father beat up his mother, also makes you think that is how it is done but it is not true and sometimes you realise this, when it is too late.


Every single thing a parent or a guardian does affects a child; positively or negatively. Even if the parents don’t know it. Children who are withdrawn from the society and the things going on in it, sometimes don’t have melancholic temperament; its just what has gone on at home, that has given birth to what you see.


Its great having a child isn’t it? I don’t think you even want to imagine not having one when all you’ve dreamed of is being called mum or dad, you don’t really want to imagine having to go through various check ups, IVF clinics and so on, just so you can have a child. Why not cherish the one you have and model yourself into someone they would be proud of?


Everyone’s childhood matters, because it becomes the basis of their self esteem and who they become in life. Do your kids well from today. Even if you are their guardian treat them well, they will one day point their fingers towards you and it better be for good.

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