Nobody Was Suppose To Believe In You


We all want some support, moral support. Not just financial support. Most times we want it from those closer to us but then even our success may not be supported by our friends and family members and this makes us feel like a loser even before we begin or just in the middle of our project. Its crazy really, when no one is mentally supporting what you hope to achieve. However, it is good to note, that your success is no one’s success. Your dream is no one’s dream. Everything is about you and you have your purpose to fulfill.


The joy of having a love one support your dream is beautiful but it may not always be so. Not everyone believes in what you believe. Critism was bound to come sooner or later, you are just going to take it at a time. Even the government and their laws will come against you in times when you just don’t expect. Lovers will leave, some will speak to you as though you never knew them, you will want to give up sometimes because many things will come against you. You may begin to sound like a philosopher, a religious teacher, sometimes no one will understand why you are bent on doing the things you are doing. Everything will come against you.


The dream is yours and not theirs, you will be called out as the one who succeeded, not them. Life will support you if you take its risks, because there will be risks and you shouldn’t bother about who leaves your life on the way to living it. You will only succeed if you don’t give up on yourself. Its up to you.

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