Poem: Judgment Sit


There at a table,
With God as my audience,
With bitterness in my spirit
Over the passage of life and its trials,
I asked about my desires
I needed his quick response
Like any friend he said he was
I screamed for the answers I deserved
A response,
Which to me will include his apologies
One I knew I deserved
For I heard he sent all to earth
This earth,
This wicked earth
I screamed for the answers I deserved
For a response
Which to me will include him regretting his creation of mankind
Admitting he let me down
Even after I gave my life to him
Let me down as humans do
But there he sat,
In silence,
As one still as ice
Unmoved by my tears
One, waiting for my silence
After I made a fool of myself
To let me know he was there all along;
There when I became a monster accepting demons through actions he warned me against,
There when I was greedy claiming self righteousness,
There on the cold and hot days keeping me far from death,
There when I was rejected sending his love as a butterfly,
There when I was depressed making me see the smile of a child,
For hope is in it
There when I was brought to life
Making plans through loved ones,
Still there as a force I dare not contend with again
Unless I decide to answer to his own judgement.

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