Poem: Before We Met


Before We Met.

Before I knew you,
I wrote our story
I wrote it in the tablet of my heart
I sealed it with faith
And prayed for our soul
I saw your face like I saw everyone
I said yes to your proposal
I spoke to you more than I spoke to anyone
I had your palm in my hands
And made myself available for your ups and down
I prayed for you like I did myself
And asked for your well being like a mother would
We had long talks and long silences while speaking
We had disagreements like people in love
And made up like we never disagreed
You said you thought of me like you did yourself
And you prayed for me like a mother would
We spoke like children in love but grew up as adults would
The blind and the deaf knew that only lovers acted like us
Though we had never met.

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  1. Am happy to meet this website. I think I just met a best friend that I can spend more time reading these poems. Wow! Congrats

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