What Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (CNA) Means To The Fashion Industry

Owning numerous awards to her name and recently adding to her resume the first Nigerian to be awarded with the Mary McCarthy Award;  Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, an extraordinary writer, and speaker, wife and mother is an epitome of beauty whose fashion could be emulated by women from different career spheres. Almost, not at all seen... Continue Reading →

I like Christ But Don’t Call Me A “Christian”

For some people owning up to being a believer of what the Bible says and the value it preaches, is the hardest thing they may have to do. For them, it is hard because they think too bad of themselves when they hear whispers of what the bible says is wrong and it seems harder... Continue Reading →

New Music Alert: Jesse Mcjessiey(@Mcjessiey) – Never Be Afraid ft @Gloreysings

Gospel reggae has never felt so sonorously inclined with the heavens and Jesse Mcjessiey is one those artiste who blazed the trail of this unique genre in Nigeria. The song 'Never Be Afraid' is indeed a personal confession featuring label mate Gloreysings. Jesse Mcjessiey takes us on a journey through his doubts, his questions, his... Continue Reading →

We Never Talked About Marriage, We Broke Up, Why Does It Hurt?

Relationships are hard enough as it is, there isn't an easy one. Not even the ones you admire over the internet, have it all rosy. The older folks in it, get a pass mark at it for many things a book alone cannot explain. Gone are the days that everyone meant what they said and... Continue Reading →

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