Why You Shouldn’t Be Bothered About People Calling You A “Christian”


For some people owning up to being a believer of what the Bible says and the value it preaches, is the hardest thing they may have to do. For them, it is hard because they think too bad of themselves when they hear whispers of what the bible says is wrong and it seems harder for them to stop the act; it is hard too because of the way it would change them. For some, it is harder because of the friends they have, and hard because of some relationships they want to keep having. Most of it really, is about them publicly declaring the bible, especially when friends or family members who have an idea of some radical things they did will make fun of them.


In the world today, there are many emotionally and psychologically broken individuals who do not want to admit that they need help. When they even do, they think a therapist is the answer. Hello! therapists too have issues. Everyone has an issue to be honest. Some people though run back to the same things that broke them and this is sad. To even worsen the case, some people have taken their lives for a problem that could have been solved differently. The truth is, there are many people who have not really experienced love, comfort and peace because of the issues in their lives. Some have become unplanned baby mamas, crack patients and prison inmates and the numbers are growing.


Communication is free but hard. People are not speaking as much many fail to understand that owning up to whatever you are going through doesn’t make you more mischievous. Everyone has a sinful nature, you gradually become a saint. The people you think are saints have just learned to keep themselves busy doing other things than what we want to call “sinful”. It is important to know, that there is no one in this world without an issue. “Man was born into trouble” (Job 5:7). Anyone thinking going to church or reading the Bible is harder than thinking low of oneself hasn’t given it a thought, because it doesn’t matter what you’ve done, you deserve better. Friends are good to have, but good friends are best to have. You have to admit change to get it.



Surely, you can seek for change and find it outside the bible or a Christian way of living, but what everyone needs is a change that gives permanent peace. That kind of peace that passes all understanding. Peace in everything cannot be guaranteed though- not even in the happy ever after marriages but peace in Christ, that is unexplainable is always worth it! If you are still wondering what peace that passes all understanding means, see this—>”My peace, I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid” (John 14:27).


A Christ like life, is what Christianity is. You shouldn’t be bothered about how admitting your wrongs and changing your life would make others look at you or talk about you. Christianity is not a curse. Sharing the word of God isn’t insanity. Singing praises lifts ones spirit every time .  Don’t be scared of changing to become a better you.


Now more than ever, the activities in the world indicate the end of it.

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