What Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (CNA) Means To The Fashion Industry


Owning numerous awards to her name and recently adding to her resume the first Nigerian to be awarded with the Mary McCarthy Award;  Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, an extraordinary writer, and speaker, wife and mother is an epitome of beauty whose fashion could be emulated by women from different career spheres.

Almost, not at all seen with extravagant jewelries, the modest fashionista who also debuted her Boots No7 make-up campaign in October 2016 has always turned heads and wowed her audience with fashion pieces that not only mean “you can be intelligent and sexy” but also that “you don’t have to go naked to make people listen to you’.

A lady in love with her natural hair, she now promotes “Made In Nigeria” fabrics and fashion pieces on her Instagram page (chimamanda_adichie) which has introduced the world to Nigerian designers. It seems Nigeria’ finest poet, novelist, and feminist can make the fashion world formulate change for women.

The beauty which CNA dazzles in, aren’t just the intention of the designer to portray the creativity of Nigerian fashion but also the modest appearance she brings with her. Her hair styles drives the craving culture for more African naturalist writers. It is known that CNA is an advocate for feminism and that her love for heroines are seen detailed in her works which are adored by her fans.

Usually writers are seen with punky fashions, rock outlooks to show how weird their though patterns can be. Some even opt for the vintage personae from the books they love to read but not Chimamanda;  she shows that writers can love modest and admirable fashion like anyone else. They can even become trendsetters

Admirably speaking; it is note worthy in more ways than one, that Chimamanda Adichie transcends beyond being just a good author, an orator, a feminist to a stylistic icon. As it can be deduced from her composure that she not only wants women to be heroines, but also want people who present themselves as confident role models that seek to attract all for the right reasons. Something rare.



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