Poem: Ode To The Writer


Your displaced area stinks of mystery,
Your mysterious psyche
You are a fellow as any man
But one blessed with an angel
You are a fellow as any man
But one tormented with reflections
You are the voice of tomorrow
Starting with yesterday’s emotions
You are the oxymoron of your acquittance,
The observer of your generation
You are gifted with an immeasurable life span
That lives beyond your breathe
You are the reminder of history,
The torch of the future,
The beam of everyday.
You are the Solomon of your domain,
One blessed with words that pan out from the eyes of your head
You are the indispensable personnel in a council
Where forgetful men sit.
You are many,
But few of you are known
You come in rotations
Having diverse devotees
You take turns,
One occupying till another is introduced
You are a melody to a sad soul,
The beauty of a mind.

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