Poem: Anomalous Cells


They say this isn’t pain,

Its much worse than could be described

You hear them talk about it,

Like its some sort of way of life

It respects no gender, age or race

I haven’t seen anything like it before

You hear people scream down the hall way

Its tearing them apart I think

I really can’t describe it

No one can

Even its name isn’t enough

It takes life too

One day people say it can end

But no one knows how

I think its worse than a plague

Oh how it incubates a soul

Leaving them worse than the African dry fish

Oh no words can describe you

Absorbing souls like tissues on water

Its been given a name


Let us laugh at it

As we say to death; be not proud



Wickedness comes to an end

And so will you

Just wait and see.


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