Poem: Good Dick


Her eyes had rained all night,

It seemed like some bee had bitten her

But someone still heard her soul,

For it kept screaming

Unhidden like the thunder

Rushing like a wave

Torn apart by the thing that satisfied her,

A good dick

One she said dived in her blood

With invincible promises and breathless poetry

In times of love

A fella with no dream

Always a ready play mate

No words whatsoever from his ever libating lips

Yet her blood steamed for him

Even with no pledge for a commitment

That would make her dream more

When he decided to stay away

With his good dick.

One she hoped would be around forever

A sad sight to reminisce

When she screams

I stayed!

A story she’d written with her blood

On the walls in her room

From the cuts on her wrist

Night after night.


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