Poem: The Black Man Only Fears His Mama


You chain them with laws

And make decrees and propaganda’

That things are supposed to be done

in a certain way

Disrespecting them at will

You tighten your fists to weaken their breath

And fool around with themm

Calling them names you wouldn’t even describe

your trash

Hoping your fear will grow on them

But just like the days of captivity,

They grow like trees whose roots

Could never be cut off

You forget they are people whose taste buds feed on chilli

so hot, none can bruise them

You wonder why laughter fills their teeth,

So much that you question

If clowns reside in them

Scheming that one day they’ll come around

And be scared of what you would do next

But the black man only fears his mama

For she even without words,

Sends them on an errand

Your weapons wouldn’t

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