How to Read the Bible Interestingly



It should not be a novel statement anymore when one says being born into a Christian home does not necessarily make you a Christian. Even preachers such as David Cho can attest to the fact that being born a Buddhist, doesn’t make you one either; all meaning along life’s journey we travel our paths differently even from when we were born. And in all honestly can one attest to know a god they have no personal encounter with? Am not too certain about that


Christianity or religion; whatever it is seems befitting for us to call it always seem like a big deal when it is a part of our life but then when it isn’t it we forget our lifestyle remains a microscope to the god we have decided to serve. The big deal of our chosen religion is often what we want no one else to make a change to. The freedom of serving the god we choose to is what we most enjoy and the method to serving whatever we serve is something we want no one to deny us of.


When I became a born again, the first and best advice I was given was to study my bible for an hour. At first, I thought it was time taking reading a book I could only imagine a cleric would read for admonition for hours. I could not phantom what it was a book with famous stories, ones I heard as a child would interest me. I was caught up in the idea of the casual verses and knowledge everyone, even non-Christians had/have about the bible. However, being born again isn’t just a word, it’s a way of life and that way of life comes with finding out how those that came before (apostles/disciples) and those who brought an understanding to the idea of being born again lived their lives.


The first book anyone would want to read might be Genesis; but if I remember vividly, I started with Revelations. I felt the idea of finding out the end of the end, would be awesome and like many students of the bible, I started by asking the Holy Spirit to teach me (so I was advised). I can attest to it that he made it very interesting. I would indeed advise anyone, no matter how you feel about the bible to ask the Holy Spirit to teach you about what you are reading-(one day I’ll tell you how he does that). Down the lane, I have read other books and still find the bible fascinating.


Many engage in devotionals, (I don’t). Not that they are bad- far from that. Truth is over time I found out that an interesting way to read and understand the bible is to start and finish each book before reading the next one. Occasionally, I could read a whole chapter of a book I am not engaged in but till this day I find it more interesting starting to read about the birth of Joseph, till the time he becomes the Prince of Egypt. You know it’s like finding out how someone went from street hustle to being a CEO to a multinational company. Also its like having a sense of each story/character in the bible, understanding their trials, faith, the days they too almost gave up. For instance, how would anyone know Prophet Elijah begged God to kill him if they never read the bible? (1 kings 19: 1-14). How would know Job, the most faithful man who God even vouched for had sisters? (Job 42:11).


I can’t say today that I understand everything about the bible; though handy as it may be, there is still a lot I am yet to discover and truth be told, reading the bible isn’t something vigorous. If I were to be a critic of the bible, its doctrines and its followers, I definitely would want to find out why anyone would believe deeply in a doctrine that they would take on insults/rejection and sometimes death for it.

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