Leaving the Holy Spirit Behind


To learn something new, you have to forget what you think you know. Not everything from the past is a mistake, some are not also lessons, though not many think of it like that but all are experiences and all of that shapes us. Very many people say if I could go back in time, I would do this and that but what if you could go back in time, don’t you think the things you now know to do may not be done?  And your life has actually turned out the way it ought to be, so you could become who you are now?


When we surrender to Christ, to take the life we have and give us the one he knows will help us turn out to be better beings, we also get to receive the Holy Spirit. There are however, some religious sects like the Jehovah Witnesses, which believe that there is no Holy Spirit, and that has made people such as myself to wonder how is it possible that they will believe in Jesus, his death and his resurrection and not believe in the Holy Spirit or the work he has been sent to do. On another hand, some people have the gift of speaking in tongues, thus making some assume that anyone without the gift does not have the Holy Spirit but that is so untrue; because your growth and relationship with him actually unleashes that gift.


People who have traveled down the Christian lane before others have spoken about the presence of the Holy Spirit and his essence in a man’s life. Yet many of us have gone into relationships, marriage, daily exploits without the Holy Spirit. It is as if we forget him and the idea of his presence or his ability to direct us. It is as though, that we only have the understanding that confessing our sins and saying we believe in Jesus is all there is in the Christian race.


Benny Hinn’s book “Good morning Holy Spirit” over the years, have influenced readers into understanding and acknowledging his presence. In the bible, the lord Jesus Christ was sure to point out to the disciples and also to us in John 15:26 that the Holy Spirit is the helper who will guide us into all the truth, convicting us of sin, of righteousness, and judgment. All of which indicates that the person of the Holy Spirit is one who gives us truth, acquitting and fare acknowledgment of the way we go about our lives and he is as important as Jesus is.


I do not and have never thought from my little understanding that the work of the Holy Spirit is limited to only the believer. I do stand corrected if I am wrong, but I do strongly believe that he has been assigned to everyone and that he is most evident in those who daily invite his presence and if we are to be truthful, we may as well acknowledge that many of us forget the Holy Spirit in our walk with Christ, we forget him in their daily living; little wonder we begin again in relationships and endeavors


If all the above is true, isn’t it possible that we can suffer simply because we leave him (Holy Spirit) behind? If we involve the Holy Spirit in what we do, wouldn’t we be more carefree about who we make friends, have as lovers and even what sort of ventures we go into? Wouldn’t it really be a better world for us if many people ask the Holy Spirit before going into a relationship- think about it, less heart break? What about our business ventures? Was it not Elijah who told the widow to go get bowls and fill them with oil and sell them to get food when there was famine in the land? Don’t you think Elijah had the leading of Holy Spirit? 1 Kings 17: 7-16


Things have happened to many that they often wish, they took another route because we are human and can’t see into the years, we often hasten up life but if we begin to involve and seek guidance, we just may never know because sometimes leaving all to chance isn’t such a good idea.


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