Biblical Movie Adaptations

bmaMany of us grew up watching Jesus of Nazareth with Robert Powell as Jesus and James Earl among st the three wise men and surely for Jesus being the reason for the season, soon we would be reminded through movies of his sacrifice, the crucifixion and the many ways he healed and changed people’s lives. We would reminisce and some would go to church more and this is the whole idea of the season; because it would get us to go out and buy Christmas gifts and make new year resolutions; our lives of cause will change by the make believes and true enactments we see on the television. Even Advertising agencies will play their part and this is all awesome.


But then many movie makers and actors would have done and will still do their part in telling us their versions of the bible they can interpret.  Some would contract the best actors and actresses and we as lovers of bible adaptations may not even notice if indeed a story from the bible has been enacted the way it should be. This of cause, could be as a result of the sacrifice the actors and directors have made, it could also be because we just want to enjoy the movie the way it is and say “oh, I watched a Christian movie” but then for many who enjoyed “The Passion of the Christ by Mel Gibson” there could be no words because the apt reminder of the sacrifice of Jesus with the whip which was taken by Jim Caveziel to portray to viewers the excruciating pain Jesus went through for our sakes while he was human.- A movie well-acted  by the way.


However, it shouldn’t be forgotten that to retell a story using another medium which in turn means an adaptation, scriptwriters and actors should not live out certain details when it comes to the bible. Without an argument, the bible is an unchanging book; it has and will continue to tell the story of the visit of Jesus to the earth and his followers who were BC (Before Christ), so in respect to that, as much as media houses go on adapting and reiterating the stories of the bible, some details should never be left out; at least for the sake of the admiration to the authors of the bible who gave information that keeps inspiring this generation and for the sake of those who may never hold on to the bible to read the real story before heading to the cinemas, some things should never be left out.


No movie should ever leave aside the part where Jacob began to leap after he met with God and his name was changed to Israel, we should always be reminded that the reason Aaron was prominent in Moses’ life before he anointed Joshua was because Moses stammered; he could not face Pharoah with words. Why do we have movies with Moses speaking as usual, even to Aaron? Correct me if am wrong but I don’t think those living back then got old fast, I kind of think old age was still ability back then – most of them were vegans, most of them walked for years, most of them slept of stones, no car remember? The burning bush wouldn’t have been a small boy talking to Moses. How would The Passion of Christ play out if Jesus never carried the cross or got a whip?


Great appreciation to anyone who adjusts those movies but some details can’t be changed. And believe it or not the real students of the bible who would draw other people to watch these movies won’t watch these adaptations and recommend it. The passion of the Christ was so beautiful that for many years to come many would view it and so was the very first Jesus of Nazareth and that is how it should be.

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