Great Lessons from “Abejoye” written by Evangelist Mike Bamiloye

1585165188180If by now you have not seen the Abejoye movie, there are possibilities that you fall into some categories;

  •  You either have no connection to the internet which is most unlikely
  • You have never heard of the mount Zion team
  • You think the movie is not one done by your country man, so why watch it
  • You think the Nigerian movie industry is a sham and you do not know
    that the mount Zion movie team isn’t Nollywood but evangelical
    So then most probably you fall into another group which are
    Non Christians who do not watch any other thing
  • You also could be in the category of those who think any Christian
    movie ends the same way so you don’t watch them to learn but just as a crowd
  • You feel it is much better to watch regular movies than watch any religious movie
    All of which does not mean you do not exist but that we as humans are made
    up of our choices. But of cause you now know which group you belong to for you not to have seen such a master piece. Maybe quarantine will help you. Lol
    It will however be interesting if you haven’t seen it by now  and you decide to watch it. It’s on Damilola Mike Bamiloye YouTube channel. You won’t miss any part now, as all the seasons have been released for our audience.

Abejoye, a movie highly recommended has been reviewed by myself
and many others, you only need to Google it.

Seeing the last part which brought tears to my eyes it is what  has made me divert from just reviewing the movie to highlighting the intricatel lessons I and maybe many others have learned watching this master piece. Probably these lessons might make you go watch it if that is the lesson you look for as a preacher or Christian or since you know the category you fall into, a change may happen. Lol, just go watch it and enjoy but here are the lessons you too may learn

1) God is not one to cast away anyone who comes to him. Not even the cheating husband who turns a new leaf
2) God calls everyone, no matter their religion to him. Even the  traditionalist (juju man, Shriner or occultist)
3) A new Christian is joyful and not resentful. They can
seem crazy to you but it as a result of their new found joy
4) Anytime there is an issue between a man and his wife, something
beyond the natural is behind it
5) God did not design for couples to have quarrels, he designed that
they be prayer partners
6) Having an elder in the church around you isn’t a bad idea. They are
always a blessing
7) A child growing up in Christ is the best thing that can happen to a family
8) Grandparents are needed
9) Fighting your cheating spouse physically can make you lose; go to the God
who ordained marriages
10) You need to stay prayed up, never be afraid.
11) Physical warfare helps no one; life is spiritual
12) Do not keep too many people in your house as a couple, let the spirit
guide you
13) Marriage is partnership
14) Run away from anger, run away from pride
15) Even your lecturer is a traditionalist, stay prayed up
16) The mercies of God is a powerful prayer
17) God hears the cry of every child
There are many more things that this movie teaches us;
it is like a sermon for every home. Thanks to Corona Virus
everyone in the family can watch this together before it raptures.
There were many comments but none is as good God bless
The mount Zion team and also The flaming Sword ministry.
Now I can’t wait to watch My Mother Inlaw

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