The art of writing or blogging is not something anyone is born with, not everyone can describe things or events the way a writer does.

My name is Ruth, I love to write and mostly air out my opinions or emotions in this art; I was an active member of a literary art club in school BULAS (Babcock University), I have worked as a reporter (Silverbird Television/radio station) , a Continuity staff (ecinema’LIVE studio) and a freelance writer for(Ultimate Fitness Magazine). I did a work placement at VOAR(Voice of Africa Radio), I have co-written with various poets and short story writers in other African countries and have had my works published on the Radioactive and Valentine Tusai anthologies.

Follow me on twitter- @anastasiaruth

Babcock University  IMG_20170615_124110



  1. did you write the post on Sex and Marriage in Nigeria! R18!! on april laugh

  2. Hello Ruth, long time. Nice to see that you still blog.
    Thanks for the reblog.
    Let’s be in contact again.

    Best regards.

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