The art of writing or blogging is not something anyone is born with, not everyone can describe things or events the way a writer does.

My name is Ruth, I love to write and mostly air out my opinions or emotions in this art; I was an active member of a literary art club in school BULAS (Babcock University), I have worked as a reporter (Silverbird Television/radio station) , a Continuity staff (ecinema’LIVE studio) and a freelance writer for(Ultimate Fitness Magazine). I did a work placement at VOAR(Voice of Africa Radio), I have co-written with various poets and short story writers in other African countries and have had my works published on the Radioactive and Valentine Tusai anthologies.

Follow me on twitter- @anastasiaruth

Babcock University  IMG_20170615_124110


44 thoughts on “Bio

      1. Ruth. Wow, this is so Wonderful. Wish u all the best and i hope God who strengthened u wud give a cause for victory.

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