Can Advertising through Social Media Increase Organisational Sales Performance?

Over the last few years, by virtue of social media; advertising has become more personalized than ever before. Advertising companies have become more aware of people‚Äôs emotional and specific needs thereby enhancing competitive services in various departments and social media platforms. The utilization of social media has created an opportunity for companies to turn their... Continue Reading →

I hear them as they survive Each acting as a helper to one another Lending a hand and smiling at each gesture Sharing stories of one another, To enlighten another Developing dexterities at cheaper rates Feeding one soul after another With little enterprises Enterprises the government opted out Calling one another what they render A... Continue Reading →

Why You Should Take Your Business With You “Networking”

  These days people have made choices to be their own boss. Everyone wants security and sometimes its easy to begin but sometimes everything could crumble. Thanks to unplanned circumstances. One of the best series I ever watched was Ugly Betty. At the time I started it, I saw myself as Ugly Betty; I had... Continue Reading →

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