New Music Alert: Jesse Mcjessiey(@Mcjessiey) – Never Be Afraid ft @Gloreysings

Gospel reggae has never felt so sonorously inclined with the heavens and Jesse Mcjessiey is one those artiste who blazed the trail of this unique genre in Nigeria. The song 'Never Be Afraid' is indeed a personal confession featuring label mate Gloreysings. Jesse Mcjessiey takes us on a journey through his doubts, his questions, his... Continue Reading →

Valentine Tusai And His Married Feminist Review

  With role shifting relationship activities on the rise and various feminists talks, any can wonder if ladies who hold their tongue, and pretend to have nothing to tell to other parties, secretly have something to say to their partners, when they are not pretending to be the good partner. For many who even say... Continue Reading →

Pidgin Poem: Change For Naija – By Anastasia Ruth and Arinzechukwu Patrick

Anastasia: Brother abeg send me something. Dis tin no easy Abi, Dem say make we vote change, We no know sey e go be like this Abi make una help me see na Tins hard the more And dem say na change My brother you dey  far You no go understand The man sey change But suffering... Continue Reading →

Story: The Diner by Arinzechukwu @Nofstnme

        Senator Zahir sank comfortably in his favorite chair- a butter color cushion that sat facing the wide-screen television that hung on the wall. He was a craggy but handsome looking man with a dandyish mustache. Sitting in that position Senator Zahir looked like he was fast asleep, but his eyes were... Continue Reading →

[Spoken Poetry] Stacey-Ann Chin’s If Only Out of Vanity

Cellar Door

If only out of vanity
I have wondered what kind of woman I will be
when I am well past the summer of my raging youth
Will I still be raising revolutionary flags
and making impassioned speeches
that stir up anger in the hearts of pseudo-liberals
dressed in navy-blue conservative wear

In those years when I am grateful
I still have a good sturdy bladder
that does not leak undigested prune juice
onto diapers—no longer adorable
will I be more grateful for that
than for any forward movement in any current political cause
and will it have been worth it then
Will it have been worth the long hours
of not sleeping
that produced little more than reams
of badly written verses that catapulted me into literary spasms
but did not even whet the appetite
of the three O’ clock crowd
in the least respected of the New York poetry…

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Pricks Dicks Pricks


Just like that.
His words were so smooth they wiped her tears away. Words of promise.
Rivulet after rivulet fingers cleared the waterworks as the words soothed the heart.

They had a promise made, pairs of lips and then away. Both under the influence, it was a night to be confused.
She was the ‘you’ll send me a letter and a rose’. She was the ‘we’ll grey together, we’ll hold hands forever’.
It didn’t hurt in depth of the night, it was the sweetest pain. With numbness it was only but a memory.
It was a night of magic rush, it was a night of torn knickers and soiled sheets.
Like a knife cutting through her soul, she cried for the scattered petals scattered all over the bed.
She cried for what would have been, what is, what are we and what will be. She just cried.

It started with…

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The Unforgiven

Sisyphean Minds

On the edge of their matrimonial bed, the sad man sat confused, out of place, as if waiting for help, except he never brought himself into calling for it. He tried hard to read the note she left behind for him. He was trying to develop the courage to hear her reasons for doing what she did. He stopped looking at the note to wipe the tears in his eyes. It has been close to an hour since he came into the scene of the incident in their bedroom, alone, except for the remains of his wife lying cold on the bed. The neatly dressed bed suggests she went quietly, without much struggle.

“There are different kinds of love they say. Happy love, sad love; family love, friendly love; love love….But what they didn’t say is all love hurts.”

He read the note, drawing deep breaths and had one of…

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