Are You Suicidal?

  Isn’t it strange but most likely that our loved ones and friends who have passed on will have something to say if they were still here? Won’t these be the questions they might ask if what they did never sent them away from us? “I wish I never took my life?” “I wish I... Continue Reading →

Do You Sleep With Your Bra?

  This was a debate on Oprah and I am sharing it with you as many of you have no knowledge of the idea of sleeping with a bra and for many who still have a debate on it.   A debate broke out in O's fashion department. A few staffers strongly argued in favor of... Continue Reading →

The Female Breast And Its Diseases

For many years, breast cancer has been a focus for many charitable organisations which indeed has helped many women survive this deadly disease which has made many shameful of their organs. Day after day, medical personals have developed better treatment and easy diagnosis method which have controlled the disease and many have also failed to... Continue Reading →

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