Abejoye Movie Review and Criticism

  Let me start by saying, I was not contacted to do this review. I have not yet met any of the Bamiloyes. I did this out of sheer admiration of the work put in the production. For more than a decade now, the Mount Zion team has influenced both Christians and non-Christians. They have... Continue Reading →

Your Children’s Childhood Matters.

When we fall in love and decide upon marriage, we decide to stay together for as long as we breathe; or at least that is the idea we paint when we utter our vows or say "to have and to hold, to love and to cherish, till death do us part". Although sometimes this isn't... Continue Reading →

Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Child Learn From Someone, What You Can Teach Them

Rich parent, poor parent, your aim is to be called fruitful and not barren. It is not as easy as it is or seems on social media to be a parent and truth be told biology does not make you a parent, for it transcends beyond words and pictures.  As a mother bearing another human... Continue Reading →

5 Things I Plan To Tell My Teenage Boys About Nudity By Brian Orme

Tonight, I plan to sit my teenage boys down on the couch and ask them a pretty awkward question. It’s a question I never thought I’d ask and I'm a little angry that I even need to ask it. What is the question? Have you seen Kim Kardashian naked? Why would I ask this? Because... Continue Reading →

10 Things Your Daughter Should Know by the Time She Is 10 By Laura Usky

  1. How adored she is. No matter what you disagree on and even though sometimes you may yell, she should know she is the center of your universe -- always. 2. How to cook. She should be able to prepare small snacks such as eggs, pasta, toast, sandwiches etc. My daughter loves to cook... Continue Reading →

Why You Shouldn’t Reject A Child

Childhood rejection often hinders our spiritual and emotional growth. This is often referred to as arrested development. Since children learn to internalize pain, they may carry it into adulthood, accepting it as normal behavior. They learn the three childhood rules: don't talk, don't trust, don't feel. Adult characteristics of arrested development include self-doubt, self-hatred, isolation,... Continue Reading →

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