Jeremiah 32:27 Poem

A system as vile as poison Inflicting generations as many as a decade A wicked personality as mighty as a mountain An economy as wavering as an ocean Brutality as strong as a rock From foundations much older than man himself All broken and made friable by the one Who deals with hard things Things,... Continue Reading →

Poem: The Psalmist

When death comes And I know it would come upon you, May celebrations fill my heart May my eyes be unshaken to shed no tear May your flesh be cremated So I leave it as dirt on the street May the life you wish not I live Be the one thing you wish to have... Continue Reading →

Poem: Falling into Place

It’s all coming together Every heartbreak Every friend turned foe Lover and stranger Enemies and best friends Wasted times and lessons People leaving when I needed them the most All coming to place Solving the puzzle That I thought was all life could offer me All becoming the very thing I needed To bring me... Continue Reading →

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