Poem: Seekers

Like an Orphan, I sought for love With a mother and a father giving less attention, I measured love as attention and affection Pulling the gents my way with every poke Accepting their words as kind gestures Hoping that from friends we could be lovers Bending to please, whatever it would cost me To fulfill... Continue Reading →


Poem: Fragmented Souls

O, what life I see What pity I give For folly souls Walking about the earth In countries, in states, in cities, in houses Walking as one, Walking as twos, Symbolized as threes and fours With so many kisses on one lips And so much genital jumble So many missed love So many ugly lovers... Continue Reading →

Poem: The Black Man Only Fears His Mama

You try to chain them with laws And make decrees and propaganda' That things are suppose to be done in a certain way Disrespecting them at will You tighten your fists to weaken their breathe And fool around with them Using names you wouldn't even describe your trash Hoping your fear will grow on them... Continue Reading →

Poem: The Worthy Lamb

The worthy lamb, bruised and brokenĀ  Strong and honourable, filled with peace Author of salvation, guardian of the saints Revelations reveal your power, thousands see the great works Imagination has filled the reader of revelations Graceful are you who is worthy to take the stars Worthy are you who the twenty four kings bow to... Continue Reading →

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