Poem: Fragmented Souls

O, what life I see What pity I give For folly souls Walking about the earth In countries, in states, in cities, in houses Walking as one, Walking as twos, Symbolized as threes and fours With so many kisses on one lips And so much genital jumble So many missed love So many ugly lovers... Continue Reading →


Poem: Good Dick

Her eyes had rained all night, It seemed like some bee had bitten her But someone still heard her soul, For it kept screaming Unhidden like the thunder Rushing like a wave Torn apart by the thing that satisfied her, A good dick One she said dived in her blood With invincible promises and breathless... Continue Reading →

We Never Talked About Marriage, We Broke Up, Why Does It Hurt?

Relationships are hard enough as it is, there isn't an easy one. Not even the ones you admire over the internet, have it all rosy. The older folks in it, get a pass mark at it for many things a book alone cannot explain. Gone are the days that everyone meant what they said and... Continue Reading →

Is Your Partner Flirting, When They Are With You?

Ever heard the lyric, “I only have eyes for you?” Well, what happens when you get into a relationship, but still seem to notice other attractive people? Does settling down mean that you need to become blinded by love? According to Askmen.com, “Looking and playful flirting can be considered healthy components of keeping a strong... Continue Reading →

What Happens When You Are Single And You Live With A Married Couple?

A woman once told me; do not receive advice from those in your age group, do not sit and be counselled by those who have the same predicament as you do. Not even if they are a step away from you. I was much younger then and that didn’t sound interesting as it does today.... Continue Reading →

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