What Happens When You Are Single And You Live With A Married Couple?

A woman once told me; do not receive advice from those in your age group, do not sit and be counselled by those who have the same predicament as you do. Not even if they are a step away from you. I was much younger then and that didn’t sound interesting as it does today.... Continue Reading →


Now That I Am Married, What Next?

Now that I am married, what next? I often ask what next in anything. What next after I wake up, what next after school, after work, after anything at all. We are all in a hurry, we want to get a job, get married, ‎have kids, own a business and so on. If nothing is going... Continue Reading →

Why You Shouldn’t Want Other People’s Relationships

‎ Ever wanted someone else's spouse, partner or lad? Well you may be wanting the wrong things. Its so easy to look at others and want what they have but can you really handle what they accommodate and learn to appreciate what they do about each other? Social media has had its way in the... Continue Reading →

411: Nothing In A Relationship Is New

Whatever is happening in your relationship has happened before. May be not to you, but someone, someplace has experienced exactly the same thing you are experiencing or have experienced and no, this is not to get your hopes high‎, it is just to let you realise how life itself is a roller coaster. One filled... Continue Reading →

Why You Shouldn’t Go Into A Relationship With Them

Do you know that reason is the enemy of trust? Once you doubt something, you have a limit in the believe or you give it.   Relationships "ALWAYS" start off awesome. Man is always in need of a relationship, we thrive on them, be it friendship, romantic (ship), platonic (ship), spiritual (ship) or whatever we... Continue Reading →

Why Marriage Won’t Tame Your Lust by Gary Lovejoy

Relationships and biblical sexual morality have long been in a state of tension, a fact which is every bit as evident in contemporary society as it was in the first century. Never one to back away from a controversial question, the Apostle Paul admonished believers that, if they “cannot contain themselves (sexually), let them marry,... Continue Reading →

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