Abortion Poem

I tore myself open, Taking out another being Deciding the life of another After my ridiculous sin Sin, I named pleasure A poisonous lifestyle Stepping into arenas Less befitting for my purpose For the sake of sexual pleasure Praising myself afterward That I could go on living life After deciding that another Could never be... Continue Reading →

POEM: Sovereign

It is of a truth That the lord God, he himself is mighty Even mightier than the world we see For he rules in the affairs of men and gods Setting up and bringing down Using his seers as ever before, If only we listen. For he gives rulers to nations To purnish and to... Continue Reading →

Why You Shouldn’t Be Bothered About People Calling You A “Christian”

For some people owning up to being a believer of what the Bible says and the value it preaches, is the hardest thing they may have to do. For them, it is hard because they think too bad of themselves when they hear whispers of what the bible says is wrong and it seems harder... Continue Reading →

Why You Should Settle But Don’t Settle!

There have been days you never want to hear anything religious; you really didn't want someone telling you "God said...", "The bible says..."‎, you just don't want anything biblical that will console you when you're in distress. You also didn't want a friend saying "It's going to be alright", you didn't want a lover saying... Continue Reading →

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