Valentine Tusai and His 14 Ladies

Two months ago, a friend to be contacted me to finish a story; taken aback as to why anyone would ask a stranger to complete a short story they knew its end, when it wasn't a movie script or a combined research paper, it sounded interesting. Still wandering though if he thought I was good... Continue Reading →

Prose: My Church Story

I often go to church; its not as bad as you think. It's a place of worship and reference. Why do I go to church when I can do what I do in church at home, you ask? Worship and reference is quiet different there. At home, I can do it and be nonchalant, I... Continue Reading →

Annoying the Gods By Ralph Dinko& Solomon Mensah

Day was inching closer to night. Not long after the sun had bid the night farewell,those who had gone to their farms were about returning. By now,most farmers werealmost done witheither clearing portions of weeds under their cocoa farms or stocking their baskets with foodstuffs. The people of Kaedabi make their village as busy as... Continue Reading →

Lola Komolafe’s Yesterday Left Us With Today Story Review

After reading Lola Komolafe’s Yesterday Left Us with Today, I got a mixed feeling. I felt sorry for the ladies, who are in disastrous relationships, who feel they have nowhere else to go, I felt disgust for parents who for one circumstance of the other leave their daughters in the hands of men who to... Continue Reading →

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