Poem: Wisdom

Her kind lips moved And saved me a dozen times It anchored my soul From the shackled places, Places I visited in my mind With my body And my soul behind When I had a dozen thoughts Of how life may never is a kind story to tell A Rubik cube not many can solve... Continue Reading →


Poem: Mercy For All

We should all ask for mercy For in time past, Beneath the fancy cities; And new era Lies the weeping bloods Many souls like Abel Of souls, innocent with unfulfilled fates Of forgotten patriots Who were once but humans like us Who we left but to death Giving jungle justice Even in closed booths For... Continue Reading →

Poem: No more


I have had it!!!
No more will I ration my portion of food because he says I’m gaining some weight,
No more will I look at the fat content in any product before buying it, just because he says he wants me to have a flat tummy,
No more will I wake up at 6am everyday to exercise  just because I’m scared he’ll stare at his secretary all day,
No more will I stop my cravings for that pizza from pizza hut, just because I want to keep him,
No more will I keep “googling” for tips on how to get slimmer, just because he says so.

I’ll not make myself suffer because of you anymore, while you never look the content of what you eat and eat as though the world was ending,
You wake up and go about your business with your pot belly,
You have all your cravings…

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Of The Silent Treatment

Becoming The Muse

Love.jpg Love

She was Stubborn,

He was Patient,

Or maybe he was Obstinate,

And she was Persistent;

Yet back to back they sat,

And neither said a word,

Only silence,

An invisible wall

Too flimsy to see

until with time it was an unbreakable barrier,

and the price of silence;



PS inspired by the image**

**The image is of a sculpture titled Love by Alexander Milov from Odessa, Ukraine exhibited at the Burning Man Festival.

“The outer and inner expression of human nature….. Their inner selves are executed in the form of transparent children, who are holding out their hands through the grating. As it’s getting dark (night falls) the children start to shine. This shining is a symbol of purity and sincerity that brings people together and gives a chance of making up when the dark time arrives.”

~Alexander Milov

Photo: credit Dust…

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How do we define ourselves..?

Memoirs of an Average Guy

Welcome to my first blog post. We all come across issues within our lives where we don’t quite understand, or we just need that time to reflect.

I’m an average guy, who wanted to write his thoughts down in a series of blog posts. Writing is apparently good for the soul, and would welcome discussions on other people’s views on the subjects I cover.

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how people define themselves within life. What makes a person successful is it family? friends? money? or in the modern world relationship status? number of likes? an acceptable within modern society?

The reason behind my anonymity is purely because my thoughts are based upon current issues and challenges, therefore do not want people to be directly linked.

So how do we define ourselves, well for me it has been family and friends, as I’ve got older that has grown…

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Does social media control us or do we control social media…?

Memoirs of an Average Guy

So my last post was a milestone according to WordPress, it was my tenth post, so welcome to my eleventh post! My continued thanks for following this blog and taking the time to read my thoughts.

So on this blog, I thought I’d focus on social media and the impact it has us. Millions and millions use it and I’m sure you’re one of those people. What interests me on social media is not it’s affect on our ability to communicate in different ways with people but how it can be used to portray a different image of that person’s life.

I use all main social networking sites personally , it has it’s pros and cons like most things in life. I use it to promote this blog, and it can be a fantastic source of information or keeping up to date with particular interests. But I’d like to focus…

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Together twenty-four seven: a working relationship

Adventures in Wonderland


Don and I have been together for seventeen years and married for thirteen. Since we became nomadic in September 2011 we have been in each other’s company almost continuously. There have been occasional breaks when I stayed home and he did the grocery shopping, or vice versa, and the even more rare times when one of us went sightseeing without the other, but these occasions have been so infrequent and of such short duration as to be insignificant. We don’t particularly want to be apart from each other.

When we had a home and a ‘normal’ life we had times apart doing different activities, usually Don with his men friends and me with my women friends, the most significant of which would be when I disappeared for days at a time to attend a figure skating competition. And of course Don was also still working a regular workweek. We had a fairly…

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