Poem: Fragmented Souls

O, what life I see What pity I give For folly souls Walking about the earth In countries, in states, in cities, in houses Walking as one, Walking as twos, Symbolized as threes and fours With so many kisses on one lips And so much genital jumble So many missed love So many ugly lovers... Continue Reading →

Abortion Poem

I tore myself open, Taking out another being Deciding the life of another After my ridiculous sin Sin, I named pleasure A poisonous lifestyle Stepping into arenas Less befitting for my purpose For the sake of sexual pleasure Praising myself afterward That I could go on living life After deciding that another Could never be... Continue Reading →

Why Women Stay Friends

Women are interesting human beings; they sometimes never know what they want and sometimes get confused over what they want. They are amazing characters that thrill the male specie and one which many men can't seem to understand- wonder why men want to understand them anyway, women don't understand women. Women are women. That's all... Continue Reading →

Lessons We Learned From Sex And The City: Friendship, Men And Fashion.

  It was bittersweet to say goodbye to Carrie Bradshaw, Charlotte York, Samantha Jones and Miranda Hobbes (we didn't know then that we'd be seeing them again at the movies—twice!), but New York City's fabulous foursome never really went away. We revisited the girls on the small screen time and time again (thanks to HBO... Continue Reading →

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