Do You Sleep With Your Bra?

  This was a debate on Oprah and I am sharing it with you as many of you have no knowledge of the idea of sleeping with a bra and for many who still have a debate on it.   A debate broke out in O's fashion department. A few staffers strongly argued in favor of... Continue Reading →

Do Women Get Jealous Of Each Other?

Does speaking bad about a sister literally mean you are jealous? Usually girls get all over each other on the issue that one person's make up is better, or one person's breast is bigger or one person has an un- usual bum shape and this makes one wonder, "especially the male sexes"- are we ladies... Continue Reading →

Happy Mother’s Day

With the growth of technology, phone chat ups have found a function with the display of pictures and just like the old saying goes; a picture says a thousand words. It is very common to display someone's picture for different reasons and most reasons are usually seen in the being mother's day, many people... Continue Reading →

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