Poem: Nigeria! Yes Nigeria

Nigeria Nigeria! Yes Nigeria My motherland A land of diverse laughter Different tribes, different languages And great delicacies Nigeria! Yes Nigeria My motherland Built to scatter Built with confused souls Going on a merry go round leadership Dissecting and forgetting The true warriors to save thy neck Nigeria, my motherland Filled with the world’ best... Continue Reading →

The Damage Tribalism Has Done To Nigeria

As a child, I knew nothing of tribalism in Nigeria. Well, not until I heard someone say they couldn't marry someone who wasn't a tribesman. My parents are from two different states, having two different cultures, speaking two different languages. The story was that they fell in love and got married. I never knew that... Continue Reading →

Poem: Our Country, Our Tower of Babel.

Like the tower of babel, We are a people of diverse tongues, A confused nation, a menace society ‎Imitators with lack of understanding We are a nation of thieves A nation of corrupt governance A nation of injustice Settled in a vast and prosperous land A land we make no use of We are displaced... Continue Reading →

Nigeria’s history problem needs the light from Half of a Yellow Sun. By Chibundu Onuzo

Half of a Yellow Sun, Biyi Bandele's new film adaption of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's novel, explores the effect of the Nigerian civil war on the lives of four characters. It is a subtle movie of a large war, intimate and revealing of the personal tragedies that took place from July 1967 to January 1970. As I watched those four... Continue Reading →

On This Day In Nigeria “Aba Women’s War”

On this day in 1929 the "Aba Women's War" was sparked. Thousands of Igbo women organized a massive revolt against the policies imposed by British colonial administrators in southeastern Nigeria, touching off the most serious challenge to British rule in the history of the colony.  The "Women's War" took months for the government to suppress... Continue Reading →

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