How to Read the Bible Interestingly

  It should not be a novel statement anymore when one says being born into a Christian home does not necessarily make you a Christian. Even preachers such as David Cho can attest to the fact that being born a Buddhist, doesn’t make you one either; all meaning along life’s journey we travel our paths... Continue Reading →


What I’ve Been Up To?

Have I been busy? Am not too sure I have, because no matter what I do, I always have something to write about and even though I don’t get to write and post it on here, my mind stays curious to the things I still have to write about that I haven’t read somewhere and... Continue Reading →

Making Wise Decisions With A Wrong Approach by Kevin Sanders

As the name implies, a sign-seeker is always asking God to “show me a sign.” You may say something like, “God, if you want me to marry this girl, I pray that she will wear a blue shirt today.” If she shows up in pink she’s just out of luck–she obviously didn't get the heavenly... Continue Reading →

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