Poem: Nigeria! Yes Nigeria

Nigeria Nigeria! Yes Nigeria My motherland A land of diverse laughter Different tribes, different languages And great delicacies Nigeria! Yes Nigeria My motherland Built to scatter Built with confused souls Going on a merry go round leadership Dissecting and forgetting The true warriors to save thy neck Nigeria, my motherland Filled with the world’ best... Continue Reading →

Biafra Must Not Be Born From War

No one who has been a victim of war, either by death or starvation wants a repeat of it. It is always beyond words to explain what war does and only a sadist will be much happier ‎to see it happen over and over, even if it is for the fun of it.   Those... Continue Reading →

On This Day In Nigeria “Aba Women’s War”

On this day in 1929 the "Aba Women's War" was sparked. Thousands of Igbo women organized a massive revolt against the policies imposed by British colonial administrators in southeastern Nigeria, touching off the most serious challenge to British rule in the history of the colony.  The "Women's War" took months for the government to suppress... Continue Reading →

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