Seek “A” Counsel, Nigerian E-Counselling Platform Launches

Seek “a” Counsel, an online counselling platform in Nigeria has launched its web and mobile page today for different counselling services which is to be free and available to all visitors and users.   The Launch of Seek “a” Counsel, the first online counseling platform in Nigeria has demonstrated the commitment of some young Nigerians... Continue Reading →


Poem: I Love You…

I love you (thank you) I love you for everything you are (unknown love) I love your physique (sex in the making) I love your smile (attraction) I love you, let's get married (anxiety, maturity) I love you, you make me laugh ( attentive love) I love you, you are smart ( intelligence attraction) I... Continue Reading →

To a Man, But for Men and Women: Rethinking Proverbs 31:10-31 by Ryan O’Dowd

Over twenty years ago I memorized part of Proverbs 31 and recited it when I proposed to my (now) wife. Proverbs 31 communicated my love and appreciation for my wife’s faith and devotion to God, and not just her physical beauty and charm. A decade or so later, I returned to study this passage in... Continue Reading →

Sex And You

  Most of the time, people go into relationships and marriages without knowing themselves. They engage in sexual activities to hold on to a fellow which in the end gives them emotional trials but then the truth remains the truth and nothing ever stops the truth.   In today's society, almost everyone, especially the unmarried... Continue Reading →

Plants And People

Plants/Flowers grow best when we pay attention to them. That means watering, touching them, putting them in places where they will receive good light. They need people around them to notice if they are drooping at the edges or looking particularly happy in the sunlight. The more attention a plant receives, the better it will... Continue Reading →

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