Poem: Strong Enough

In my weakness, you see me as strong On our bad days, you think I have super powers On my worse days, you assume am strong enough You think I can pull through whatever No matter what it is However, I keep pulling strength from a source One which never ends or causes me weakness... Continue Reading →

Poem: The Black Man Only Fears His Mama

You chain them with laws And make decrees and propaganda' That things are supposed to be done in a certain way Disrespecting them at will You tighten your fists to weaken their breath And fool around with themm Calling them names you wouldn't even describe your trash Hoping your fear will grow on them But... Continue Reading →

Poem: Last Night, Chronicles Of An Alcoholic (A, B, C)

This is what happens, when poetry connects two writers from different parts of the world. Enjoy!!! My name is Chronicle, I am an alcoholic, My heart whispers the words, My mouth shuts them out, Many beds and bottles later, Different men, I stand here, Looking at my life, My children see a mother I see... Continue Reading →

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