Why Nelson Mandela Divorced Winnie

Nelson Mandela passed away Thursday night. John Carlin in his new book ‘Knowing Mandela,’ reveals why he never forgave the former wife who has visited his bedside. TWO weeks before Nelson Mandela’s release from prison in February 1990 I went to see his wife, Winnie, at her home in Diepkloof Extension, the posh neighbourhood of... Continue Reading →

Achebe And Mandela: Two Sides Of A Coin By James Yeku

One gleamed with tales of proverbs That mended history The other called history To a dialogue with conscience Metaphors burdened with messages Mantras brimmed with morals; Two sides of a coin. Each, an inscription of dreams Fulfilled in the pages of freedom; Each, seeking a Sahara of hope And calling a people to a festival... Continue Reading →

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