Poem: Like Joseph…

Like Joseph, I have been sold to slavery Sent away from my kindred With words and with actions I have been falsely accused by my help And have tabled my tale to two and more I have sat with kindness and have eaten with joy For my help once, has given me a share And... Continue Reading →

Pidgin Poem: African Luva

  Una dey hear wetin peppu dey talk? Say African man no sabi luv pesin Say dem no dey romantic, abi wetin oyinbo dey call am? Say, dem no sabi giv flawa layk oyinbo Dem no wan cook fur deir woman Dem just wan get strong bodi Dem no wan kiss deir woman fur outside,... Continue Reading →

Poem: Last Night, Chronicles Of An Alcoholic (A, B, C)

This is what happens, when poetry connects two writers from different parts of the world. Enjoy!!! My name is Chronicle, I am an alcoholic, My heart whispers the words, My mouth shuts them out, Many beds and bottles later, Different men, I stand here, Looking at my life, My children see a mother I see... Continue Reading →

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