The unseen walls came crashing, And my heart pounded like a wild thunder Goose bumps on a sunny day Rushing fever in my veins With no tears in my eyes, I tasted my tears From your unspoken words of letting go Letting go easily of every memory we had Tearing us apart, With no fights... Continue Reading →

He's nothing more than a screw A playmate; that fits in just when we want it A suitable player with no real games to play A subtle thief that can make me jealous again A crazy fanatic that financially promotes me doing my thing When I need or have to A father figure I could... Continue Reading →

411: Nothing In A Relationship Is New

Whatever is happening in your relationship has happened before. May be not to you, but someone, someplace has experienced exactly the same thing you are experiencing or have experienced and no, this is not to get your hopes high‎, it is just to let you realise how life itself is a roller coaster. One filled... Continue Reading →

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