I hate war, I hate death, I hate suffering, But I am few. I am not in the authority to stop it before it happens; Except with prayers And sometimes it is never enough For though I pray against it Some people pray for it.

During the hour men slept When deep darkness occurred At the times when many wailed and many cried At a time when life got tiresome and many wouldn't dream a dream At a time, when war was enough and diseases beat hard on men On a day when complaints was a menu Filled with the... Continue Reading →

Poem: If Only We Were Few…

If only we were few, We would understand loneliness, We would appreciate our companions And embrace one another before death has its pride.   If only we were few, We would validate ourselves as everyone should, And understand the essence of happiness, We would dance to the tune of child birth And hug the old... Continue Reading →

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