Poem: Black Woman

They call me black woman; No monograph, just black woman! Colored into a system Colored into a stereotype No depictions of my strength and worth Just black woman A name they estimate narrates who I am No permission, no consent from me about who I am or what I want to be known as Just... Continue Reading →

Who Would Teach This Girl Child?

Ever wonder why your mum never told you something? Ever wonder why life had to teach you somethings and not your family or your mum? The truth is rarely far from home and though people expect the home to be the first hand education of every child, not everyone at home knows it all.  ... Continue Reading →


Virtue- proverbs 31:10Faithfulness- proverbs 31:11Reverence: proverbs 31:12Goodness: proverbs 31:12Strength: proverbs 31:17Endurance: proverbs 31:18Well rounded: proverbs 31: 19Charitable: proverbs 31:20Provider: proverbs 31:21Well dressed: proverbs 31:22Wife of a good husband: proverbs 31:23Honorable: proverbs 31:25Wise: proverbs 31:26Kind: proverbs 31:26Good mother: proverbs 31:27Praiseworthy: proverbs 31: 28Fear of the lord: proverbs 31:30   

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